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The Intersect helps to solve problems so that neighborhoods can achieve their full economic and cultural potential. We act as an agent for the business community while serving as a lobbyist for residents.

One of the important goals of our work is to create a “cool” in the communities we service – bringing together unique, fun and lively characteristics of a neighborhood along with, and through, the coolness of the people that live there.

The Intersect partners with the diverse members of business, residential, governmental,
nonprofit and philanthropic communities to give shape to how they envision the future. This collaborative process enables us to create an active community through equitable development.

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Our Mission

The Intersect  creates connections between individuals and institutions to build and implement initiatives that revitalize neighborhoods.

— The Process + The Focus —

How We Work

The Process

Transparency and equity are central to any community planning process. The Intersect builds confidence in all participants in this process by facilitating candid, community-focused conversations. 

We use a specific, yet flexible, methodology to assess a neighborhood’s capacity. We then plan practical actions to develop the community with collective resources.

The Focus

Community Engagement

Work with local residents, businesses, institutions of all kinds and property owners to ensure fair and equitable development

Business Development

Provide one-on-one technical consulting to small businesses as well as corridor planning

Physical Development

Improve streetscape conditions while initiating beautification initiatives; lead, facilitate, and develop real estate development projects to advance neighborhood revitalization

We leverage relationships, both new and long-standing, to increase economic and cultural opportunities. We also harness these relationships to help create clean, safe, and vibrant neighborhoods.

Our inclusive development plans for residential communities and commercial corridors focus on practical outcomes such as the retention and creation of economic activity, increased access to resources, and expanded foot traffic.

— What We've Done —

Featured Projects


The Rail Park

Cherry Street Pier

Artist Residencies


Kinetic Sculpture Derby

Chinatown's Future Histories Project

The Rail Park in Philadelphia is  one of a cohort of adaptive reuse park projects around the country

In previous conditions around the Rail Park, the lack of local organizing, public awareness and accountability, clarity around the impact of the project on economically vulnerable populations, and most importantly the lack of a plan to address the equity concerns, combine to create an environment which will engender displacement and disenfranchisement of vulnerable residents, businesses and institutions.

As future phases of the park will cut through other Philadelphia neighborhoods, the project has implications across the city. 

Chinatown’s Futures Histories Project resulted in a clear, actionable set of recommendations for an equitable development model in Chinatown that can also be used in other neighborhoods and cities.

The project engaged multiple stakeholders, including the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Planning and Development, members of City Council, Chinatown community members and institutions, Friends of the Rail Park, PolicyLink’s All-In Cities project committee members in Philadelphia, Center City District, area developers, and thought leaders and advocates for equitable development.

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Urban Consulate + Cherry Street Pier

Artists & The City

A winner of the Knight Cities Challenge, the Urban Consulate launched in 2016 as a network of parlors for urban exchange. Since then, it has hosted hundreds of conversations in Detroit, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Austin and Chicagoland to bring people together & share ideas for better cities. Inspired by embassies and salons of Left Bank Paris & the Harlem Renaissance, the Consulate is a place where Jane Jacobs & James Baldwin might have hung out, had they ever hung out. By amplifying voices & ideas, and promoting a culture of learning, it creates more informed & engaged communities— and a greater sense of belonging & connection, too.

Akeem Dixon led a conversation with artist in residence Yolanda Wisher to discuss: How can we excavate and celebrate stories of Black Philadelphians that have been erased, neglected or overtaken?

This talk was part of Artists & The City, a summer series presented by Urban Consulate in partnership with Knight Foundation and the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation. 

Get to know the artists in residence at Cherry Street Pier: www.cherrystreetpier.com/artists

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The 2017 Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby and Arts Festival was a day-long celebration that featured a parade of human-powered, handmade floats and highlights the area’s creative spirit and community pride. Attendees cheered on design ingenuity during the derby while browsing the booths from 100-plus local artists, food trucks and vendors selling and displaying various arts and crafts. The free festival raised money for projects in the area while exposing people to an off-the-beaten-path section of the neighborhood.

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About Akeem Dixon

As founder of The Intersect, Akeem breaks down limiting silos with a proven track record of building effective partnerships that develop and advance a shared community vision.

With a background in economic development, branding, and project management, Akeem’s expertise enables local government, resident, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors to collaborate. He has implemented innovative commercial corridor revitalization activities that have spurred economic and retail development, job creation, sustainability, blight and litter reduction, retail and restaurant site selection, business attraction, and crime reduction.

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