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Founded by Akeem Dixon in 2018, The Intersect aims to capture the “cool” in the communities we serve by leveraging the gifts, resources, skills, and knowledge that already exist there. We are problem solvers who help neighborhoods achieve their full cultural and economic potential.

By partnering with diverse residential, business, governmental, nonprofit, and philanthropic leaders, The Intersect acts as an agent for the business community while serving as a lobbyist for residents. A key result of this collaborative process is the creation of active and equitable communities.

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Our Mission

The Intersect creates connections between individuals and institutions to build and implement initiatives that revitalize neighborhoods.

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— The Process + The Focus —

How We Work

The Process

We believe in taking a holistic, multi-layered approach to neighborhood revitalization based on transparency and equity and driven by candid, community-focused conversations.

We use a specific, yet flexible, methodology to assess a neighborhood’s capacity. We then plan practical actions with our partners to develop the community with collective resources—resulting in clean, safe, and vibrant neighborhoods.

The Intersect’s inclusive development and capacity building process in residential communities and commercial corridors focuses on achieving sustained outcomes, including the retention and creation of economic activity, increased access to resources, and growth in foot traffic.

The Focus

Small and Micro Business Development

We supply one-on-one technical consulting to small business owners

Community Engagement

We work with local residents, businesses, diverse institutions and property owners to ensure fair and equitable development

Commercial Corridor Development

We provide commercial corridor management and planning

Physical Development

We improve streetscape conditions while initiating beautification initiatives

Project Management

We manage the completion of tasks, resources, and activities identified to complete an initiative in a specified timeframe

Real Estate Development

We create, lead, facilitate, and develop real estate development projects to advance neighborhood revitalization

About Akeem Dixon

As founder of The Intersect, Akeem breaks down limiting silos with a proven track record of building effective partnerships that develop and advance a shared community vision.

With a background in economic development, branding, and project management, Akeem’s expertise enables local government, resident, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors to collaborate. He has implemented innovative commercial corridor revitalization activities that have spurred economic and retail development, job creation, sustainability, blight and litter reduction, retail and restaurant site selection, business attraction, and crime reduction.

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— What We're Doing —

Featured Projects
Village of Arts and Humanities

The Village of Arts and Humanities Corridor Management

In partnership with The Village, our goal is to provide a clean, safe commercial corridor that appeals to both local and destination shoppers.

With roots dating back to 1934, the mission of the The Village of Arts and Humanities is to amplify the voices and aspirations of its North Philadelphia community by providing arts-based opportunities for self-expression and personal success that engage youth and their families, revitalize physical space, and preserve Black heritage. Seeking a partner who aligned with their own mission and community-driven approach, The Village contracted The Intersect to serve as a corridor manager and plan and implement activities and programs that advance equitable economic and social opportunity for and in the Fairhill-Hartranft community.

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Affordable Housing Development

In partnership with Impact Services

Established in 1974, community development organization Impact Services works in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia to help people reenter the workforce and train for jobs, find housing, and build community. The Intersect is partnering with Impact Services, 1st Class Properties, and Solidarity Consulting to create more quality affordable housing in the area for community members unable to pay market rates.

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Small business funding

Small Business Grant Virtual Response Center

In partnership with Impact Loan Fund

In June 2020, Governor Tom Wolf announced the launch of the state’s $225 million COVID-19 Relief Pennsylvania Statewide Small Business Assistance grant program, with $100 million designated specifically for “historically disadvantaged businesses.” As one of 17 Pennsylvania community development financial institutions (CDFIs) administering the grants, Impact Loan Fund turned to The Intersect for support with setting up a virtual response center to field small business inquiries. 

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— What We're Doing —

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